Class Reps / Ionadaithe Ranga

The Coiste has organised a system of Class Reps Whats App groups to help with communication of school and parent-run events.

Because of data protection you need to have opted in to get messages from your Class Rep. If you missed opting in or would like to now opt in, please email the Class Rep co-ordinators Kasi Stevens or Lorraine O’Brien letting them know which class your child is in and that you are happy to be contacted.

What does the Class Rep do?

The role of the Class Rep is:

  • to act as representative of your class group at Coiste meetings
  • to let parents know about meeting outcomes
  • to arrange social events for class parents
  • to promote Coiste events and request volunteers from class parents.

A Class Rep will not:

  • get involved in the day-to-day workings of the classroom
  • act as an intermediary between parents and teachers/principal/other parents
  • pass on your contact details to any other person (read the Coiste privacy policy here).

Class Reps 2019-2020

N Bheaga, M Maire L: Deirdre Byrne

N Bheaga, M Maire P: Lillian O Sullivan

N Mhora, M Siobhan: Jo Fearon

N mhora/Rang 1, M Aoife: Kasi Stevens/Lorraine O Brien

Rang 1, Cristin: Carol Maricle

Rang 2, Niamh D: Deirdre de Barra

Rang 2, Gavin: Maria O’Sullivan

Rang 3, Meabh: Orna McSweeney

Rang 3, Clar L: Deirdre de Barra

Rang 4, Rebecca: Lorraine O’Neill

Rang 4, Clar D: Siobhan Carolan

Rang 5: Lisa T: Leighann Devereaux

Rang 5/6: Niamh S: Sorcha O’Callaghan

Rang 6: Clodagh: Sally Sharkey


If you have opted in but are not getting any messages, please contact the class rep co-ordinator so we can check that you are on the correct list.