Eolas A-Z / A-Z Parents’ Info

After-school activities – There is a wide range of after-school activities available at Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Álainn, including guitar, fiddle, singing, accordian, banjo, traditional singing, drama, German and running. Details re dates, times and pricing are circulated by note at the beginning of each school year and are also available at the office. If you have a talent or skill that you would like to make available to children or teachers of Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Álainn simply contact the office.

After-school childcare – After-school childcare is available at the school from 1.30-4.30 each day (except for Wed 1.30-3.30) at a rate of €4 per hour or €2 per half hour. Parents can book per session or per week depending on availability. Places are booked and paid for at the office.

Airgead don Scoil – Airgead don Scoil is a voluntary annual contribution kindly made by parents to Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Álainn on their children’s behalf. This money is closely monitored by the Parents Committee (Coiste) and decisions on how it is used are guided by how best it benefits the children. Projects fully-funded or part-funded by the Coiste with Airgead don Scoil to date include 24hr accident insurance, Science Week, Literacy Lift-Off, canteen supplies for events, school camera, 6th class school tour and  prizes for the Carta Buí competitions (see below). A fund has also been established to assist in the building of the new school. A full account of monies spent and held in savings is published at the Coiste AGM every September to which all parents are invited.  Airgead don Scoil is currently set at €100 per family per year although note that it is voluntary and parents are asked to give only what they can afford.

Allianz 24 Hour Pupil Accident Insurance – If your child has an accident either on or off school property at any time or day during the calendar year you are entitled to claim any costs (not recoverable from your own insurer) associated with the medical treatment as a result of that accident from the school’s Allianz 24 Hour Pupil Accident Insurance. Click here for more details. More information is also available from the school office.

Board of Management – The Board of Management’s responsibilities include:

  • managing the school on behalf of the patron;
  • employing  teachers and other staff;
  • developing and implementing policies;
  • child protection and welfare;
  • managing resources;
  • preparing the School Plan; and
  • supporting the school leadership.

The principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and is accountable to the Board. A new Board is elected every four years. It consists of the principal, a teacher,  two parent reps (a mother and father), two patron reps and two community reps. The Board meets monthly and if you would like to get involved you can communicate this either to the Board itself via the Principal or to the Parents’ Committee (Coiste).

Book rental scheme – You will notice that your child will regularly use second-hand books when doing their homework. This has been made possible by the school’s book rental scheme and is designed to reduce school book costs for parents.

Brat Glass (Green Flag) – The Green Flag is an environmental initiative aimed at promoting environmental awareness amongst the children. Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Álainn has been awarded its second Green Flag, thanks to the work of the Green Schools’ Committee. A child representing each class participates in committee meetings and activities designed to reduce litter, waste and fuel bills in the school. More information can be found on the school’s website.

Cártaí Buí – Children are encouraged to speak Irish in the yard through the cárta buí initiative, whereby children who make an effort to speak Irish are given a cárta buí (yellow card). The class that earns the most cartaí buí during the week is rewarded with a prize. This project is part-sponsored by the Airgead don Scoil.

Ceolchoirm  (school concert) – The annual school concert is held every February at the Cork Convention Bureau (Silversprings Convention Centre).  The teachers and children of Rang 1-6, together with the guitar and singing groups, deserve huge credit for the effort they put into practicing for their performances. It is a wonderful experience for the children and a great opportunity for them to build their confidence and showcase their talents. The Parents’ Committee (Coiste) supports this event by manning the door and organising the raffle on the night.

Class Reps – A new initiative introduced in 2018, a class representative has been appointed amongst parents of each class. Their role is to facilitate communication between the Coiste and parents. General issues, ideas or offers of help can be communicated to the Coiste either directly or through the Class Rep. For confidentiality reasons, child-specific concerns must be handled directly between the parent and the child’s teacher.

Concerns – If you have any concerns relating to your child, the Coiste would encourage you to speak to your child to try to get a full picture of the situation, make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss it and agree a course of action if necessary.  If after an appropriate period of time you are not happy with the outcome, you can make an appointment to meet the school principal to resolve the matter. If you still have concerns at this stage, it is within your rights to contact the Board of Management to discuss further.

Credit Union – Every Monday the children of Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Álainn have a wonderful opportunity to save money (from €1 upwards) with Our Lady Crowned Credit Union who visit the school. Each child is given their own booklet to record their savings.

Curriculum – The school’s curriculum consists of the following: Languages (Irish, English), Maths, Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE), Arts (including Visual Arts, Music, Drama), Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE), Physical Education and Croí na Scoile (Ethical Education).  All subjects are taught through the medium of Irish.

Facebook – For news or to give us feedback, follow Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Álainn on Facebook.

Headlice – Please inform the school office if you suspect your child has headlice. Treatment and prevention guidelines are circulated regularly and are also available at the office.

Healthy lunches – Children are required to bring only healthy foods to school for lunch, following the school’s Healthy Lunch Policy.  At breaktime, children eat lunch in their class and play outside either beforehand or afterwards depending on the class rota. In poor weather children chat with their classmates in their classroom. The shorter break is approximately 15min between 10.30 and 11.00 and the longer breaks is approximately 30min between 12.30 and 1.00.

Illness – If your child is unwell or cannot attend school for any other reason you should contact the school by phone, email or via the website to let them know and keep a note of the days absent for your own records. You should also follow up with a note in the child’s school journal (dialann) once your child returns to school.

In-school activities – During the school day, children may take part in activities including swimming, Irish dancing, tennis, Italian, and cycling depending on your child’s age. Details regarding dates, times and pricing are circulated by note from the class teacher throughout the year. In good weather football, hurling and camogie are available after school from Rang 4 up.

Literacy Lift-Off – This is an intensive English reading project part-funded by the Airgead don Scoil to ensure the highest literacy standards amongst children attending Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Alainn. Children from Naíonáin Mhóra to Rang 2 may take part for short, intensive periods.

Margadh Geimhridh (Christmas Fair) – is the annual Christmas Fair held on the first Friday in December and run by Lisa (the school secretary), parent volunteers and the Coiste. It is a magical event kicking off the season’s celebrations with stalls selling handmade goods, second hands toys and books, a cafe offering homemade treats, and musical performances by the children.  It is a wonderful event and a great fundraiser for the school. Volunteers to help are always welcome – just leave your name with Lisa in the office.

Number of students – Approximately 360 students from 255 families attend Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Álainn.

Parking – A strict policy is in place at the school, details of which are circulated by the school regularly. For the safety of all children attending the school we ask that you please respect and abide by these rules. Please ensure grandparents and childminders are aware of them too.

Parents’ Committee (Coiste na dTuismitheoiri) – The Coiste meets once a month at the school.  It organises numerous social and fundraising events throughout the year, manages the Airgead don Scoil, supports the school financially when appropriate and promotes a positive relationship between parents, teachers and the students. A Coiste AGM is held every September to recruit new members and all parents are invited to attend. The Coiste consists of approximately 20 people including the Chairperson, Vice-chair, Secretary, Vice-Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Treasurer, Class Reps and other volunteers. For further information on the Coiste throughout the  year please contact your Class Rep. Your class teacher will be able to provide details of your child’s Class Rep. The committee is guided by the recommendations of the National Parents Council.

Patrons – The school’s patron is an Foras Pátrunacha. The school is affiliated with Educate Together.

Paypal – School activities, school books and Airgead don Scoil can be paid via Paypal on the school’s website.  After-school activities are paid directly to the tutor.

School band (banna ceoil) – Membership of the school band is open to all children attending Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Álainn. Please contact Múinteoir Aisling or Gavin for details.

School Council – details to follow

School Disco & BBQ – The school disco, organised by the Coise, is the last hurrah before the summer break.  It was run for the first time in 2017 and was such a success that it will hopefully become an annual event. Many thanks to the parents, teachers  and children who were so supportive of it in its first year.

School notes – Important information relating to the day-to-day running of the school is communicated to parents via printed school notes, emails and/or text messages. School notes are also available on the school website, where you can sign up to be notified every time a new note is published.  It is very important to read and, if necessary, keep these communications from the school.  If you find you are not receiving notifications please ensure that:

  • your child’s bag is checked regularly;
  • you have subscribed to receive an email copy of the notes; and/or
  • the school has the correct mobile phone number to contact you.

Science Week – Children participate in a range of fantastic activities every year during Science Week. Activities to date included learning about the digestive system, magnets, electricity and rockets, to name a few.  This wonderful opportunity for the children is subsidised by Airgead don Scoil and parents are asked to pay a nominal fee of approximately €2-€5 to cover the balance.

Secondary school – It is recommended that you research the secondary schools in your area at the earliest opportunity. This usually involves reading their website, speaking to the school directly and speaking to parents attending the school, especially in relation to entrance criteria. Put your child’s name down as early as you can. Keep a record of all correspondence with each school. Keep in contact with the school. Attend open nights ideally when your child is in 5th class. Ensure you know the school’s entry requirements and policy regarding submitting applications.

Turas scoile (school trips) – Every summer and occasionally at Christmas, each class goes on a fun-filled school trip organised by their class teacher. Trips in the past included visits to Rumleys Farm, Cuskinny, Zipit in Farran Woods, West Cork Secret, the Cinema and Everyman Theatre.  Costs vary depending on the activity but usually ranges from €5 to €25 per child. The 6th class school trip is to Kinsale. Trips are part funded by the Airgead don Scoil.

Uniform – Details of the uniform are available on the school website. New tracksuits and uniforms are available at Buckleys on Shandon Street.  A second-hand uniform and tracksuit sale is organised by the Coiste every June in the Halla during the last week of school.

Website – To keep up-to-date on all the latest news at Gaelscoil an Ghoirt Álainn, access the school website.