Nascanna Úsáideacha / Useful Links

This is a list of informative and useful online resources recommended by parents of Gaelscoil n Ghoirt Álainn.


Psychological Services / Educational Resources / Literacy



Click here to access our list of resources for learning Irish.


The following is a list of educational apps for tablets. They are mostly free, although some apps offer a paid-for upgrade and others may have in-app ads. If you come across a good educational app that you’d like to recommend, please let your parent rep know so that we can add it to this list.

  • Todo Maths (maths activities suitable for Naíonáin Bheaga upwards)
  • King of Math (maths activities more suitable to older children, eg Rang 2 upwards)
  • Time Telling (time telling practice for children from Naí Mhóra upwards)
  • Times Tables (drills to practice times tables)
  • Splash Maths (maths activities for Naí Bheaga upwards. Requires registration with an email address)
  • Euro Coin Math (practice  counting money for Nai Mhóra upwards)
  • Numberlines (practice using a number line for Rang 1 upwards)
  • Cúla Caint / Aimsir Cúla 4 (simple apps from TG4 involving words and pictures in Irish)
  • Sceal an Lae (app with a daily story to listen to in Irish)