As reported on facebook last night the school yard was tarred today and should  be finished now.

To be safe however, we will keep the children away from the school yard on Thursday (tomorrow). We’ll be using the field instead for the day.

Children will assemble on the field in an area marked out by cones at the usual time tomorrow morning. We ask all parents from Rang 1 up to drop their child and leave tomorrow morning as soon as possible. This is to ensure that Murmont Avenue is kept as free flowing as possible and that there aren’t any extra traffic problems.

Two cars carrying children currently using wheelchairs may drive down the avenue.

The dropping off and collection of children will be pretty much as it was in June from Monday on, but the importance of parents following our guidelines relating to the dropping off and collection of children cannot be overstated.

Finally; welcome back to school! We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and that you’re all looking forward to the year ahead.

We’re delighted that we’re finally making real progress in relation to our new school! Information meetings etc. for our parents will be arranged very soon.


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