Naíonáin Shóisearacha / Junior infants 27/8/2020 Nóta 21/8/2020

Naíonáin Shóisearacha / Junior infants 27/8/2020

A gcéad lá ar scoil / Their first day at school.

A chaire, Beidh do pháiste ag tosnú sa scoil ar an Déardaoin seo chugainn agus táimid ag súil go mór le fáilte a chur roimpe / roimpi. De bharr Covid 19, beidh athruithe leis an gcóras i mbliana ach déanfaimid ár ndícheall gach tacaíocht a thabhairt díobh agus sibh ag déanamh ceiliúradh ar na hócáide!


With just under a week to go, your child must be filled with a variety of emotions, thinking about their first day of big school.  This year we need to arrange their first day slightly different to other years.  Whereas previously, we would have welcomed the junior infants, their parents and even siblings into the school with cameras, smiles, tears and more, this year we have to do things differently.


On both Thursday 27th and Friday 28th there will be an opportunity to take photos outside the school.  We would ask you to adhere to social distancing guidelines, but children are to arrive on both days between 9.45 to 10.10.  One adult may then enter the school building through the front door with their child whilst wearing a mask and gloves.


This parent/guardian can then walk their child to the classroom, show them to their seat and help them to settle. We ask that you spend no more than 2 minutes inside and then the adult may leave the building through the side exit. Important – Only one person please and we ask you to make the necessary arrangements in relation to this before coming to school.


From Monday 31st August all children will start school at 8.50 and all children will enter the school building from specific preassigned doors.

From this date on, all Junior infant children must enter through the front door unaccompanied between 8.30 and 8.50. Parents may walk them to the front door but may not enter.

Going home time! From Thursday 27th August, the junior infant classes will be brought back out through the main doors of the school at 12.00.

This arrangement will continue until Monday 7th September when the junior infant classes will stay at school until 1.30 p.m. At this time they will once again leave via the main doors.

Táimid ag súil go mór le bualadh libh ar an Déardaoin!

Summary / Achoimre                                                                               Entry / Exit – front door.

Thursday & Friday (27th & 28th August) 10.00am – 12.00pm

Monday 31st (Aug) – Friday 4th (Sept) 8.50am – 12.00pm

Monday 7th (Sept) – rest of the year 8.50am – 1.30pm

Le gach dea ghuí.

Deaglán Maebh Máire L agus Máire P

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