Parking & Weather warning

Nóta 10/9/15

Parking & Weather warning

A chairde. Thank you for your cooperation regarding the observation of the parking rules that are in place around the immediate school vicinity. This past week has seen a huge improvement to the flow of traffic.


Traffic rules and restrictions as set out by our parking plan are in place for the benefit of all, but especially with the safety of our children in mind. It is particularly important that these rules are respected in wet weather conditions where driver visibility may be impeded and children may be less aware of the presence of cars as they hurry to get out of inclement weather conditions as quickly as possible.


A weather warning is in place for tomorrow morning but parking restrictions will remain in place. No car is to drive down the avenue (without the expressed permission of school management) and we strongly recommend that all children bring appropriate rain gear to school with them (ie. rain coat and leggings). Thank you once again for your cooperation and together we will keep our school a healthy and safe environment for all.


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