Tionól scoile 12.00     Zoom – Dé hAoine – 5 Feabhra 2021

A cháirde

Beidh cruinniú zoom scoile ann amárach – bí ar an eolas faoi agus cloí leis na rialacha scoile i dtaobh zoom le do thoil

A whole school zoom meeting will take place tomorrow – please be aware of and abide by the school rules in relation zoom meetings.

Zoom – Dé hAoine – 5 Feabhra 2021

12.00 – 12.20 Tionól scoile                                                       Password =GGA


Cruinniú Zoom amárach.

Beidh cruinniú zoom ar siúl arís amárach. Bí cinnte go léann cinnte tú na moltaí ar son Zoom thíos

Guidelines for Zoom Meetings.

A 10-minute Zoom call with the whole school tomorrow. Please ensure that you’re online at the allotted time (or before it). The focus of this meetings is simply to allow children to connect with each other, to reassure them that they are not alone and to let them know that their school (and their class in particular), is thinking of them. If time allows, certain classes will be offered the opportunity to share stories or item of news and we ask all children to ensure that their microphones are on mute when they’re not talking, that their camera is turned on at all times and that the device being used is in a quiet part of the house.

Please read the following Moltaí ar son Zoom / Guidelines for Zoom Meetings too please.

Moltaí ar son Zoom / Guidelines for Zoom Meetings

  • Beidh Zoom eagraithe ag an scoil seachtainiúil eagraithe ag am agus dáta faoi leith.
  • Beidh Deaglán / an Múinteoir ranga mar ‘host’ don chruinniú.
  • Le bheith cinnte nach mbíonn ach na daltaí agus na múinteoirí scoile i láthair beidh ID don chruinniú agus pasfhocal don chruinniú seolta do thuistí / caomhnóirí na páistí (Pasfhocal = GGA). Beidh seomra feithimh ann freisin agus beidh ar an múinteoir nó ar Dheaglán cead a thabhairt don pháiste teacht isteach sa chruinniú / comhrá zoom.
  • Ná roinn sonraí an chruinnithe le duine ar bith taobh amuigh den scoil le do thoil.
  • Bí cinnte go bhfuil tú lonnaithe in áit oiriúnach don chruinniú.
  • Bí cinnte go bhfuil go leor cumhachta i do ríomhaire / taibléad.
  • Bí cinnte go bhfuil ainm oiriúnach agat ar do ríomhaire / ar do chúntas. Úsáid ainm do pháiste más féidir.
  • Bí cinnte go bhfuil daoine gléasta in éadaí oiriúnacha don chruinniú.
  • Beidh fuaim gach duine múctha ag tús an cruinniú.
  • Beidh ort an fuaim a árdú agus an ceamara a chur ar siúl.
  • Níl aon cead ag aon duine na cruinnithe seo a thaifeadadh.
  • Níl aon cead ag aon duine grianghraf a ghlacadh don chruinniú.
  • Níl cead aon duine aon rud ón gcruinniú a roinnt ar na meáin shóisialta.
  • Beidh na rialacha céanna i gceist ar zoom agus mar bíonn sna seomraí ranga.
  • Is féidir le Deaglán nó an múinteoir ranga deireadh a chur leis an gcruinniú ag am ar bith.

● Weekly Zoom meetings will be pre-organised by the school with a given date and time.

● Deaglán or a class teacher will be the ‘host’ of such a meeting.

● To ensure that only a member of our school can join the meeting, we will be sending a Meeting ID and password (Password = GGA) to parents/guardians. The Waiting Room feature will be used which means Deaglán / the class teacher has to ‘admit’ each child into the meeting.

● The login details cannot be shared with anyone outside of our school community.

● Please try to set up for the meeting in a space where there will be minimal disruptions.

● Please ensure that your device is charged or plugged in before entering a Zoom meeting.

● Please ensure your computer username is appropriate as it will appear on the screen.

– Please have the child’s name on screen.

● All members of the meeting should be appropriately dressed for the meeting.

● All members will be muted on being admitted to the call.

● The volume will need to be up on the device you are using and the video activated in Zoom.

● The recording of such meetings will not be permitted.

● Photographs of meetings will not be permitted.

● The sharing of content in relation to such meetings (e.g. on social media) will not be permitted.

● The video conference room is a virtual classroom space and the same school behaviour and codes of conduct apply to this environment.

● Deaglán or the teacher may end the meeting at any time if he/she thinks it is necessary.


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